Protonix (Pantoprazole)
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Product description: Protonix is in a group of drugs called proton pump inhibitors. It decreases the amount of acid produced in the stomach.
Active Ingredient: Pantoprazole
Protonix as known as: Pantid, Controloc, Noacid, Zipantola, Normocid, Pentium, Penkool, Topraz, Sipar, Ulcemex, Pantotab, Pansa, Pantra, Pentalink, Peptac, Protium, Panzo, Panbloc, Pantul, Pole, Tropaz, Unigastrozol, Apton, Fulpan, Topan, Pantogamma, Pantpas, Panpac, Gastrowell, Pansafe, Pantozol, Natrii pantoprazolum, Pantoloc, Ulcotenal, Contix, Topra, Pantopra, Pantoprazolum, Pantolup, Pantocalm, Peptazol, Anagastra, Pantopaz, Hasanloc, Pepcinova, Propanz, Ciproton, Pantozole, Panz, Pantoc, Caprol, Supracam, Pantacid, Pantact, Protonil, Pantocip, Pandev, Zovanta-40, Pantogen, Ulcoreks, Panloc, Pantoprazol, Zanpan, Panprozole, Pacid, Penta, Tonval, Zoltex, Pantagon, Pantonis, Tecta, Zurcale, Panto-byk, Tifizol, Inipomp, Panum, Pangest, Anulacid, Aciban, Pantocid, Contracid, Singastril, Pents, Ozepran, Ziprol, Panpra, Panpro, Pantocas, Prazotel, Panzol, Pulcet, Prolus-dsr, Pantabol, Segregam, Panto, Pantofin, Pantin, Pantor, Pantocal, Gastroprozal, Protonex, Pantodar, Palio, Pantoprem, Pepticool, Regad, Rifun, Zovanta, Pantry, Prazolan, Pantodac, Progen, Proloc, Pantop, Trupan, Panto basics, Pantus, Pantip, Pantium, Pantopep, Panthec, Gastromax, Oritop, Topzole, Pantobex, Pantorc, Ugarpan, Razon, Pantopan, Sunpraz, Pentastar, Pantaz, Zurcazol, Digene, Pentozed, Newpan, Zipant, Ulcepraz, Zepoxin, Loxid, Zolpanz, Protin-p, Prazosan, Panopaz, Prasocid, Pantac, Anesteloc, Leminter, Ulrid, Pantecta, Pantocar, Zimpax, Zacpac, Pantonix, Pantrafar, Eupanol, Cool pan, Lupipan, Zurcal, Pandon, Apazol, Pepzol, Pantosil, Pepmark, Propanta, Pentagon, Panpot, Kuppam, Nolpaza, Acipan, Pansec, Prazocid, Eupantol, Pantosec, Panprabene, Pms-pantoprazole

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